Ta Vaeng Project

Copper - Gold

  • Unity Metals (Cambodia) lodged an Exploration Licence application over an area of 199km2 in the Ratanakiri Province in September 2022.
  • 7km x 5km natural vegetation anomaly (grassland within a region of thick jungle) occurs in the centre of the Ta Vaeng licence; anomaly believed to be due to differing soil conditions as a result of strong hydrothermal alteration (silicification) and weathering of sulphides in the lithocap.
  • Extensive outcropping areas of highly hydrothermally altered lithocap located throughout the vegetation anomaly; potentially capping a porphyry deposit that lies below.
  • Sulphur-rich mineral springs located within the vegetation anomaly, suggesting possible sulphur source beneath the lithocap.
  • Recorded molybdenum occurrence.
  • No drilling has ever been conducted.
Satellite image depicting the 7km x 5km vegetation anomaly (pale brown area) at Ta Vaeng with Unity’s rock chip/petrology sample locations; the location of sulphur-rich springs & the location of a molybdenum occurrence recorded in historical government geological mapping.
Panoramic view of the vegetation anomaly at Ta Vaeng with lithocap outcrops and the location of sulphur-rich springs (TOP) & lithocap hand specimens that are highly silicified and have limonite-filled fractures or disseminated vugs after the weathering of sulphides (possibly both cubic & octahedral pyrite) (BOTTOM).
Outcropping highly siliceous lithocap within the vegetation anomaly at Ta Vaeng.