O’Phlay Project


  • Granted to Unity Metals (Cambodia) over an area of 195.6km2 in the Mondulkiri Province on 4 August 2023.
  • Sizable historical Chinese mining operation on both primary and alluvial gold mineralisation at O’Phlay, with the primary gold mineralisation associated with a major granodiorite intrusion.
  • No systematic exploration has ever been conducted in the area.
  • Unity field visit focussed on three prospect areas; Camp which is adjacent to the historical processing plant; Toulsroloav in the northern portion of the diorite intrusion; and at Small Creek on the western margin of the diorite (hornfels contact area).
  • At Camp, broad zones (up to 40m wide) of stockwork and sheeted gold-bearing quartz–arsenopyrite vein mineralisation in multiple zones were located & channel rock chip results exceeding 2g/t gold have been obtained.
  • At Toulsroloav and Small Creek, high-grade grab rock chip results up to 27.5g/t, 24.3g/t, 21.1g/t, 10.7g/t & 10.5g/t gold were obtained from multiple zones of quartz-arsenopyrite vein mineralisation.
  • Next step is a grid-based (200m x 50m) soil sampling program over the northern half of the granodiorite and the surrounding hornfels (covering Camp, Toulsroloav and Small Creek), which is due to commence in H1 CY2024.
  • This is the first systematic geochemical sampling to be conducted over the granodiorite intrusion at O’Phlay and is expected delineate gold anomalies on which Unity can focus its future exploration.
Location of Unity’s rock chip sample results within the O’Phlay licence.
Historical Chinese gold workings at the Camp prospect at O’Phlay on intense stockwork quartz-arsenopyrite vein mineralisation hosted in granodiorite (looking SW). Given the shallow dip of the mineralisation, Unity collected several vertical channel samples from exposed pit walls. Channel sample results are depicted.
Brecciated massive arsenopyrite mineralisation hosted in granodiorite (samples grade up to 1.2g/t gold) from the old mine workings at the Camp prospect.
A banded quartz-arsenopyrite vein hosted in granodiorite (Unity sample grading 2.6g/t gold, Oxiana sample grading 21.9g/t gold) from extensive old mine workings located at the Toulsroloav prospect 300m NW of the processing plant at Camp prospect.